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Phillip K. Russell Photography
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Japan 2003
Shadows on a tatami mat
Roof ornament
Traditional kimonos
KFC in Takatsuki
Menu display with plastic food
Female monk begging for alms at Yasaka Pagoda
Temple donation box at Yasaka Pagoda
Temple bell at Yasaka Pagoda
Gong at Kiyomizu Temple
Power lines in old Gion district of Kyoto
Traditional restaurant with cloth door
Water for purification in Gion
Paper lanterns at Yasaka Shrine
Sake jars at Heian Shrine
Dragon fountain at Heian Shrine
Bronze lanterns at Heian Shrine
Elaborate roof underpinnings at a Shinto shrine
Shinto paper wishes at Yasaka Shrine
Woden buckets outside a Shinto shrine
Golden lotus fountain at Ninna-ji subtemple
Himeiji Castle, a national treasure
Elaborate tiled roofs at Himeji Castle
A hallway inside Himeji Castle
Closeup view of Himeji Castle
Roof tiles at Himeji Castle
Bruce Lee display at Kobe Chinatown
Todai-ji Temple, largest wooden building in the world
Todai-ji Temple in Nara, Japan
Woman seeking blessing at Todai-ji
Daibutsu Buddha at Todai-ji is 49 feet tall
The doors at Todai-ji dwarf the people
Burning incense at Todai-ji
Bronze lanterns at Kasuga Grand Shrine in Nara
Colorful roof supports at Kasuga Shrine
Bronze lanterns at Nigatsu-do
Nigatsu-do Temple before a fire celebration
Bronze lion at Yasaka Shrine
Roof detail at Yasaka Pagoda
Schoolgirls posing with fake geisha
Backyard shrine in Gion
Shinto Shrine
Roof details at Shinto Shrine
Bell and roof demon at a Shinto shrine
Roof demon
Purification fountain at Ryoan-ji
Interior of Ninna-ji temple
Horns on roof of Todai-ji Temple
Lantern in front of Todai-ji Temple
Crabs, squid and fish in Osaka department store
Dried fish on a stick
Kirin, Asahi, and Sopporo beer crates
Vending machines
Geisha dolls for sale near Yasaka Pagoda
Specialty foods for sale on way to Yasaka Pagoda