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Phillip K. Russell Photography
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China 2004
Imges from the Forbidden City
Images from Kaiping Watchtowers 
Lion at entrance of Forbiden City
Guard below Mao's portrait
Totem outside Forbidden City
Paint peeling from wall of Forbiden City
Entrance door to Forbidden City
River in main courtyard of Forbidden City
Closup of river and clouds
Algae growing in the river
Dragon steps at the Hall of Preserving Harmony
Dragon carving is 16.57 m. long
Hall of Middle Harmony
Hall of Supreme Harmony
Dragon and cloud carvings
Dragon and phoenix carvings
More dragon carvings
Throne in Hall of Preserving Harmony
Ceiling of Hall of Preserving Harmony
Guardian lion at Hall of Supreme Harmony
Guardian lion at Hall of Supreme Harmony
Guard at the Forbidden City
Colorful roof orna-
ments and walls
Detail of ornamental carvings
Roof ornaments
Decorative carving
Closeup of roof tiles
Roof tiles
Roof tiles and ornaments
Kaiping watchtower and haystack
Haystack in Zili Village
Alley in Zili Village, Kaiping
Small garden in Zili Village
Dog resting outside an old-timey door
Metal shutter and incense
Carved ornament over a door
Chinese New Year banners and old-timey door
Man cleaning a taro plant
Wheelbarrrows in Zili Village
Three watch-towers (doulou) in Zili Village
Mingshi Tower in ZIli Village
Steps to Mingshi Tower
Kitchen at Mingshi Tower
Steps downstairs at Mingshi Tower
Watchtower seen through bars at Mingshi Tower
View from roof of Mingshi Tower
Four watchtowers
Watchtower and barred window
Watchtower and bamboo
Statue of Xie Weili and house at Li Garden
Buildings at Li Garden
Dining room at Li Garden
Private altar at Li garden
Grave in Genghua village next to Li garden
Taro plants next to watchtower
Watchtower in Genghua village