Online Quiz on Ching Yeung Russell's Novels
(There may be more than one correct answer)

First Apple

1. Ah Pau is
1) Ying's father's mother 2) Ying's mother's mother 3) Ying's auntie

2. Ying's cousin is named
1) Ping 2) Kee 3) Ng Shing

3) Ying lives in
1) Canton 2) Tai Kong 3) Hong Kong

4) Ying wants to earn money by
1) babysitting 2) collecting and selling junk 3) working in the vegetable fields

5) What is the admission to Ying and her friends' Chinese opera show?
1) incense sticks 2) corn kernels 3) sweet potato 4) all of the above

6) With what does the lady hit Ying when she runs from the plantain field?
1) a bamboo pole 2) a switch 3) a belt

7) What does Dr. Tam give Ying?
1) a jade vase 2) an apple 3) a mango

8) What does Kee give Ah Pau for her birthday?
1) a black bandana 2) a stool 3) gold and jade earrings

Water Ghost

9) What does Ying do to make money for the camping trip?
1) weaves sau jau 2) weaves chicken fences 3) collects junk to sell to the junk man

10) Why does Cripple Yip drown?
1) she commits suicide 2) she falls in the pond while trying to retrieve a fish  3) she falls off the bridge into the pond

11) What does Ah Pau do with the sahng yu that Ying catches?
1) cooks it for them to eat 2) sells it in the market to make money for Ying's camping trip 3) puts it back in the pond

12) Why do Ying and her friends like to say Kung Hay Fat Choi on New Year?
1) to get lai see 2) to get gwa jee 3) to get sweets 4) all of the above

13) What is Ying accused of at school?
1) stealing a classmate's money 2) cheating on a test 3) pushing Cripple Yip into the pond

14) What do Ying and Ah Mei carry with them to Cripple Yip's grandmother's house?
1) one cent 2) weeping willow branches 3) a chicken

15) What does Ying buy at the market with all her hard-earned money?
1) a piece of carrot cake 2) a carved wooden doll 3) a dead hen

16) What does Cripple Yip's grandmother leave Ying?
1) an apple 2) a gold bangle 3) a jade vase

Lichee Tree

17) Why does Ying want to go to Canton?
1) to buy beads 2) to see kwailos 3) to see buses and trains 4) all of the above

18) Why does Ying think she had leprosy?
1) she was exposed to a person with the disease 2) she had eaten a cucumber she had found floating in the river 3) Ah Pau had told her not to eat after anyone

19) Who steals Ying's lichee tree?
1) Mr. Hon 2) Kee 3) Ghost Walk

20) Why do Kee's bok choi plants die?
1) Ying doesn't water them enough 2) Ying gives them undiluted fertilizer 3) Ying waters them too much

21) Why does Ying mark O's and X's on her lichee tree?
1) to count the days until harvest 2) to count the days until her leprosy shows up 3) to count the days until her trip to Canton

22) What does Ying use to swim in the pond?
1) a bench 2) water wings 3) a life preserver

23) What special treat do Kee and Ying enjoy?
1) hot, spicy mudsnails 2) fried rice 3) spring rolls

24) What does Ying get upset over when Uncle pays back a debt to Ghost Walk?
1) gold rings 2) jade bangles 3) Ah Pau's earrings

Child Bride

25) Who arranges a marriage for Ying?
1) Ah Pau 2) Ah Mah 3) her parents

26) How does Ying get to Lam Cheun?
1) sampan 2) sedan chair 3) ox cart

27) Why does Ah Mah hobble when she walks?
1) her legs are bad 2) she has bound feet 3) her shoes don't fit well

28) What does Ying like at Mr. Lo's house?
1) his garden 2) the fancy furniture 3) the good food

29) Who is Ah Ping?
1) Ying's schoolmate 2) Ying's cousin 3) Ying's maid

30) What does Ying collect in the rice paddy ditches? 
1) snails 2) crayfish 3) fiddler crabs

31) Why does Ying think the wild child looks funny?
1) his eyes are light brown 2) his eyelashes are curly 3) he wears strange clothes

32) What does Auntie Three do with the stolen bride price?
     1) pays off gambling debts 2) buys new clothes 3) buys a new sedan chair